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"Bring Out Your Dead" Recreating the Black Death in the Classroom by Bruce David Janu

This is the ultimate collection of activities for your unit on the Middle Ages. Newly updated for 2013! Now includes ACT-Style reading and assessment plus a Common Core-based "Meaning of Words" activity.
  • Includes many anticipatory sets including the use of images and the song, "Scarborough Faire."
  • a "How Much Do You Know About The Black Death?" pre-activity learning assessment
  • Eleven pages of detailed lecture notes that address all aspects of the black death including some bio-history, modes of transmission, causes and effects, remedies people used and the bubonic plague in today's world.
  • Step by step illustrated instructions on how to use makeup to give a student the black death.
  • a modern translation of Boccaccio's The Decameron with a reading worksheet that seeks comprehension, main idea and meaning of words
  • an essay assignment 
  • internet resources
  • Plus three color charts/graphs, which can be used to make an overhead transparency or used in presentation software.
50 pages
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You can also purchase a Physical copy with 3 color overheads ($18.00)  This is the 2000  version without the 2013 addendum.

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