Center for Disease Control.  This is the go-to site for all information relating to plague. Up-to-date
with maps, history and scientific information, this site is great for further research.

The Jewish History Sourcebook:  The Black Death and the Jews, 1348-1349.  This article examines the blaming and scapegoating Jewish communities in reaction to the plague.

Statute of Laborers, 1351.  This primary source document examines the reaction of the English government to the shortage of workers as a result of the plague.

The Decameron Web:  The Plague  This site looks at the plague from the standpoint of Giovanni Boccaccio and his contemporaries. Includes eyewitness accounts.

The Plague and Economics. This article from The Economist looks at the economic impact of the Black Death.

The Black Death: Brought to Life.  This interesting interactive animation tells the history of the plague; geared for students.